Thursday, January 7, 2016


   Happy New Years everyone! I hope you had a kickass holiday and ready to bring in the new year with nothing but love and new experiences! I feel super refresh from the holidays and I'm happy to say that my first Christmas shopping for my family was a success. It was definitely stressful but I just wanted to show my appreciation to each and everyone of them. Tell me what your favorite gift you purchased for your family! I got my cousin some fresh Superstar Adidas and Tarte eyeshadow. ♡

I seriously can't get enough of these Pylo bells! They have been my favorite piece to wear this season and I'm not stopping either once the flowers start blooming. I love how the 70's look has come back and everyone is looking amazing interpreting it in their own way. I found this awesome retro turtleneck at Buffalo for only $9.00! I love it because it's not heavy nor too tight around the neck. I paired it with this super cute delicate scarf which so happen to follow the color scheme of the look. And to finish it off, I wore my super cozy MinkPink Agnes coat. It's missing its buttons and belt but I think it still looks perfect the way it is. ♡


  1. nice flare jeans
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  2. all these pieces look great together! I love that top, what a steal!

  3. Those bells look so great on you, I think I might just have to cop one of their upcoming spring bell's for myself! XO

    1. You should! PYLO is such an amazing brand and their flares are so comfy! ♡

  4. You look insane! Love the 70's vibes from the brown/rust jacket and flare jeans- we'd never be able to pull this off :)
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  5. You look gorgeous ! Such a 70's vibe ! Love it !

  6. this outfit is so perfect, it's a combination of those flares, the coat and the scarf which ties it all together
    Your cousin sounds so lucky! I bought my mum a porcelain jewelry dish from the artist, and spent maybe an hour talking to her about it :)

  7. Great outfit! (:

  8. I love this look! & your pics are amazing :) x


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