Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hey kids, so I wanted to start a project that will keep me motivated and add some creativity to my shoots so I decided to start Project: FVME. I'm going to base my shoots and style on some individuals who I look up to and inspire me to just be, me. I hope along this trip you, yourself, and your mom will be inspired as much as I will be. There's no telling how long this project will last because there's so many people I look up to!

Today P:F (Project: Fvme) inspiration is Charli XCX! I'm in LUV with her music! Her pop-synth beats and badass lyrics are something you should look out for. Not only is she a badass songwriter, lets talk about her looks! Totally grungey (possibly seapunk inspired) outfits that are totally killing the scene. I'm not big on platforms at all, but she definitely knows how to pull it off, as well as galaxy prints, pastels, and don't let me get started on those cute ass tartan skirts!

Necklace: Thrifted, Cheetah Print Cardigan: Rocket Clothing Exchange, Crop Top: Arden B, Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Boots: Armkel

So I don't think I've ever done a grunge look like this before, especially the make-up (oh. my!) I think I caught the total essence of Charli XCX when I found this skirt at work. I also wanted to add a bit of my personality by mixing the cheetah prints and the tartan. 

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Thank you for the support! I appreciate every one of you!